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Thursday, 25 June 2009 14:07

Bernard GrenierJuly 8 – 15

Reiki, Crystal Quartz Bowl Massage Healing, Life Path Coaching

The New Age Shop is pleased to welcome Bernard Grenier to Hong Kong after travelling and working in Portugal and Macau.  Bernard who is originally from Quebec, Canada is of French Canadian origin.

A Note from Bernard:

My conscious spiritual quest started by a trip to India where I met a spiritual master in 1988.  From that moment my focus turned inside, the questioning became more intimate to be then absorbed by the gratitude of being.

I was then initiated to Reiki in 1990, my lineage is: Dr. Usui, Mrs. Tanaka, Mr. Robertson, Mr. Foissey and Myself. I have been teaching Reiki for 15 years, and I initiated more then 2000 people. Reiki for me is first, meeting with one self and making peace with what we meet of ourselves, Reiki for me is not a technique, but the technique of imposing hands for healing.

I work in Quebec, Portugal, France, and am excited to bring my work to Macau & Hong Kong for the first time.

In the past 10 years I have been concentrating on three things, Reiki initiations, giving Crystal Vessels (pure crystal quartz bowls) concerts.  Satsang started when the invitation to sit in the availability (to silence) imposed itself. After years of group work, I began private consultations, doing life coaching and I also developed a new way of treating people using sound and vibration massages with the Cristal vessels (bowls), a very powerful healing tool.

What is most important to me in my work is keeping the sacredness alive.  Life has taught me that every word and every sound is born from silence and is there to show us the way to silence, our true nature, our essence, our divinity, what no words can ever describe, what no concepts can ever grab.  Healing is the acceptance of who we are without judgment.  The human is the door to the divine.  There is no difference between the manifested and its source.  Truth is what cannot be said.  We are that.

With love and gratitude,


While in Hong Kong, Bernard will be offering 2 different types of healing sessions:

Life Path Coaching
Listening, presence, accompaniment

A life coach session, is a guidance permitting you to bring clarity and understanding in your personal and spiritual life. Bernard’s acute and outstanding intuition helps you to detect the blockages and to find solutions. During the session, simple and concrete tools are given to you to evaluate, to actualize your potential and permit the manifestation of all the parts of your being in your life.

Sound and Vibratory Massage with Crystal Quartz Bowls
Energetical liberation & vibratory awakening

The crystal vessels are pure crystal vases, inverted bells. A powerful therapeutic tool, they act by the force of the vibrations of the pure quartz crystal and the sounds which they emit. As the mind becomes silent a profound healing process can take place.The crystal vessels are a tuner of our instrument, the physical body. They make all our energetic bodies vibrate and re-balances our chakras. More importantly they work directly at the heart of each one of our cells and of their restrictive memories, allowing a liberation. Thus the cells can find their natural vibratory movement. The created movement makes it possible to find a balance and a harmony with the being which we are and gives access to our essence, to our original vibration.

A session with Bernard costs: HK$1400/60 minutes, HK$2000/90 minutes

Bernard will be holding a free talk with a crystal vessel demonstration:

Wednesday 8th July


New Age Shop. tel 2810 8694


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