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Resources: a directory of holistic businesses all across Asia. Includes healers, bodyworkers, clinics and centres, coaching and counselling, NGO's and charities, and many others. Click on the country name below for more details.


Holistic Asia Products for sale: Spirulina, cacao and mosquito repellents. All natural and healthy.


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Interfaith Ministry

Interfaith Ministry

Interfaith MinistryHolistic Asia editor, Peter Lloyd, is an ordained minister from the London Interfaith Seminary. The interfaith seminary is part of a growing movement whose aim is to serve all those who are not formally religious but still retain a strong spiritual or God focussed orientation. Peter's ministerial vow is to 'love fully and serve God'. He is available to prepare ceremonies such as weddings, baby namings, funerals and divorce/separation. He also offers spiritual counselling. Click here to find out more.

Web Links

Web Links

Web LinksWe're regularly out on the web and here you can find some of the interesting and worth sharing links that we've come across.

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